Microsoft and RIM Partner, Bing Becomes Default BlackBerry Search Engine

In a strategic move to counteract the dominance of Apple and Google in the mobile market, Microsoft and RIM have joined forces to establish a mobile partnership. This collaboration will set Bing as the primary search engine on BlackBerry devices and integrate Bing Maps as the principal mapping service.

The announcement was unexpectedly made at BlackBerry World, where Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer surprised attendees by appearing on stage.

“This unique investment into the BlackBerry ecosystem signifies our commitment,” Ballmer remarked during his keynote. “Bing will now be the default search engine and mapping service on BlackBerry devices.

This is a pivotal moment for our future.”

This development follows shortly after RIM’s announcement to its investors that smartphone sales for the first quarter were below expectations, leading to a downward revision of its earnings forecast for the next quarter. With the iPhone and Android devices continually expanding their market share, skepticism about RIM’s viability has been growing among investors.


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