iOS 5 Could Introduce Over-the-Air Updates Feature

Historically, updating iOS devices required a tethered connection to iTunes, a method that felt increasingly outdated as these devices evolved to function more like standalone computers. Users needing to upgrade from iOS 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 had to locate the update online, download it to a computer, and sync their device with iTunes to install the update.

However, a shift is on the horizon, according to insiders speaking with 9to5Mac.

They suggest that post-iOS 5 updates will be available directly on devices, starting with minor updates following the major iOS 5 release. This means future updates could be downloaded and installed directly on the device, bypassing the need for iTunes entirely, much like Android and webOS systems currently operate.

This development would be particularly beneficial for iPad users, offering a much more convenient update process.

However, wireless carriers might not share the enthusiasm, as the large size of iOS updates could potentially strain their networks, especially if numerous users in dense urban areas attempt simultaneous downloads. Reports indicate that Verizon might be the only carrier currently in talks with Apple about implementing over-the-air updates, possibly due to concerns about network capacity.

Michael Rose

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