Apple’s Bud Tribble to Testify at Senate Committee, Confirms Franken

Amidst the ongoing commotion surrounding location data, privacy concerns, and what your iPhone knows about what you did last summer, the lineup for the upcoming Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearings on mobile privacy has been revealed. According to Senator Al Franken’s (D-MN) office, told The Loop that Apple’s VP of software technology, Guy L.

“Bud” Tribble, will participate alongside regulators, privacy advocates, and Google’s VP of public policy.

Franken invited the companies to send representatives to his hearing a few weeks ago, as the topic of location privacy was gaining attention. Tribble has previously faced scrutiny in Congressional hearings on digital privacy; he appeared at a similar hearing last summer, with Facebook’s CTO and Google’s lead privacy engineer. A long-time veteran of Apple and NeXT, he is credited with identifying the legendary Reality Distortion Field power of Steve Jobs.

He might find it useful to channel that same energy during his upcoming testimony.

The hearings are scheduled to commence on May 10 at 10 am Eastern time. If you plan to tune in via C-SPAN, keep an eye out for the senators’ reactions as Tribble makes his entrance. Those who suddenly back away are almost certainly Klingons.

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