Apple Removes iAds from Children’s Apps

Developer Mike Zonrek, known for his popular app Dex, which has been downloaded over half a million times, recently discovered that Apple has abruptly pulled iAds from children’s apps on the App Store. Zonrek, whose app is a hit among young Pokémon enthusiasts, noticed a sudden drop in his iAd fill rate from 16.5 percent to zero last week, prompting him to contact Apple for an explanation.

Apple’s reply to Zonrek’s inquiry was that they routinely assess apps within the iAd Network to ensure they meet advertiser expectations.

The current consensus among advertisers is to avoid placing ads in apps designed for young children, as their products do not cater to this demographic.

Zonrek expressed his astonishment over this policy shift, noting that there was no prior indication from Apple that such changes were forthcoming. This move by Apple might be seen as a precautionary measure, especially considering past controversies over unintended in-app purchases by minors.

Both advertisers and Apple appear to be proceeding with caution where children’s interests are concerned.

[Source: MacStories]

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