Apple Considers Grand Central Terminal for New Store

Recently, The New York Observer reported, citing an unnamed source at the Metropolitan Transit Authority, that Apple had abandoned its plans to rent space in New York’s iconic Grand Central terminal. However, a new report from the Wall Street Journal challenges this claim, indicating that Apple might still be interested in this prime retail opportunity.

The WSJ notes that discussions between Apple and the MTA are ongoing, with hopes from the transit authority that Apple will submit a bid for a balcony area set to become available this summer.

This space is currently occupied by the Métrazur restaurant, slated to close on July 1. The restaurant, run by famed chef Charlie Palmer, holds a lease on the property until 2019.

Any new tenant would need to compensate Palmer significantly to terminate this lease early.

The potential Apple store would cover 15,000 square feet, a relatively modest size for retail. Additionally, the location’s status as a historical landmark could complicate any plans Apple has for customizing the space, as all modifications must be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.


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