Apple Discovers Fei Lam Behind WhiteiPhone4Now Site

Today’s news reveals that Apple’s legal division has finally caught up with Fei Lam, a young man from New York who made headlines for selling conversion kits for a white iPhone 4. Apple has initiated a trademark infringement lawsuit against him.

Further details have surfaced about how Apple managed to track him down.

In a recent interview with Fast Company, Lam disclosed that he first learned about the lawsuit through an email from Fast Company. Contrary to earlier reports, Lam clarified that he did not earn $130,000 from selling the white iPhone parts.

Lam is scheduled to meet with Apple’s legal team within the coming month to discuss the lawsuit and potential legal consequences.

However, he will be attending these meetings without legal representation due to financial constraints. According to an earlier report by Fast Company, Apple was able to locate Lam after employing a private detective from a firm specializing in anti-counterfeiting and trademark protection.

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John Devis

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