Twitter Collaborates with Firefox to Enhance Image Sharing Tools

Earlier this week, as TechCrunch hinted, Twitter unveiled new enhancements today, including refined searches for hashtags and usernames, along with a Twitter-owned service for sharing images and videos that could challenge existing services like TwitPic and yFrog, with PhotoBucket supporting the backend.

Expect the photo service to be operational in the coming weeks.

In addition, the company revealed a collaboration with Mozilla to introduce a tailored Firefox version that incorporates Twitter search directly into the location bar; existing Firefox users can access similar functionality through an add-on.

This expansion of features aligns well with another piece of information from TechCrunch yesterday, indicating that the new image service aims to integrate with iOS 5.

It’s likely that iPhone applications capable of handling images will include a ‘Send to Twitter’ option, though there are suggestions that it could extend even further.

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