Camera+ 2.2.1 Update: Adds SMS Sharing, Now Just 99 Cents

Despite the upcoming release of iOS 5, Camera+ remains my go-to app for iPhone photography.

The app recently introduced a significant update, a preview of what’s to come in Camera+ 2.3, which includes the ability to share photos via SMS.

This feature uploads images to the taptaptap server and generates a URL that users can send via SMS, a workaround since direct embedding isn’t available to third-party developers yet, as John Casasanta notes.

The update also addresses several other issues:

  • An inability to log into Facebook for sharing photos
  • Enhanced app launch speed
  • Fixes for crashes on older iOS models
  • Various other performance improvements and bug fixes

In celebration of Camera+’s first anniversary, the app is currently available for just US$0.99 for a limited period.


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