iPad 2 and Smart Cover: Enhance Study Sessions with Evernote Peek

Here at our publication, we often find ourselves singing the praises of Evernote, and yes, it’s true, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing CEO Phil Libin multiple times. We’d stop talking about them if they’d stop innovating!

Today, Evernote announced what they claim to be the “first iPad Smart Cover app,” named Evernote Peek. This app serves as both a study tool and a test preparation aid.

The concept is remarkably straightforward, which makes it surprising that it hasn’t been done before.

The process is simple: fill an Evernote notebook with your study materials, including questions as note titles and answers in the note body (images can be included too), or opt for one of the ready-made notebooks from Evernote and StudyBlue. Launch Peek, lift the first flap of the Smart Cover to reveal a question, and then lift it completely to see if you answered correctly. You can mark answers as right or wrong to track your progress and focus on areas needing improvement.

The app is clever and functional, though the developers recommend disabling Auto-Lock on the Smart Cover to enhance responsiveness.

In my experience, however, leaving Auto-Lock enabled provided better results. This app is an effortless and economical way to create effective flashcards for any subject. With Evernote’s shared notebook feature, it’s also easy for educators to distribute course-specific materials to students.

Anticipate the unique sound of Smart Covers snapping against iPad screens to become a common occurrence in educational settings everywhere.


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