Real Racing 2 HD Elevates iPad Gaming with Console-Quality Racing

The term “console quality” often surfaces in discussions about iOS games. A pioneer in this realm was Firemint’s Real Racing, which set new standards for what mobile games could achieve on the iPhone. With the advent of the iPad, the game evolved into Real Racing HD, leveraging the device’s enhanced capabilities. Following this, Real Racing 2 debuted, showcasing the potential of the iPhone 4. The release of the iPad 2 saw the introduction of Real Racing 2 HD. Here’s an in-depth look at how this latest version fares.

Racing games on tablets like the iPad often struggle due to the absence of physical controls.

Real Racing 2 HD (RR2HD) addresses this by offering various control options: side-screen touch controls, an on-screen steering wheel, and accelerometer-based steering. What distinguishes RR2HD are its adaptive driving aids. Players can choose auto-acceleration and braking, allowing them to focus solely on steering. For those desiring more control, options for manual braking and acceleration are available. Additionally, the game features steering assist, which simplifies the use of accelerometer controls without making the game feel too automated. Firemint skillfully balances these aids, ensuring the game remains engaging and challenging.

RR2HD builds on the visual foundation laid by its predecessors, enhancing every aspect for the iPad 2.

The game features detailed car interiors, realistic animations, and improved graphics, supported by the device’s advanced processing power. It also supports full 1080p output via HDMI and will soon include AirPlay Mirroring. While the game may not achieve the photorealism of console titles like Gran Turismo 5, it stands out among mobile and some console games in terms of visual quality. The game also includes a limited form of car damage, adding to its realism.

However, the sound design does not match the quality of the visuals. The engine sounds and tire screeches are adequate through the iPad’s speakers but can feel lacking when using headphones.

RR2HD offers a robust racing experience with a variety of tracks and modes, including traditional races, elimination rounds, and time trials. The game’s Career mode is diverse and engaging, enhanced by Game Center achievements that extend its replayability.

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