Nokia CEO Claims Apple Paved the Way for Android’s Creation

During a keynote at the Open Mobile Summit in London, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop made a bold statement, attributing the creation of Android to Apple’s influence on the smartphone industry. Elop highlighted that Apple’s 2007 launch set a new standard for user expectations with its closed system approach.

He elaborated that this led to the necessity for an alternative, paving the way for Google to develop Android, which others quickly adopted.

Elop also expressed skepticism towards Android’s openness. He illustrated his point with a visual comparison: one box with the Apple logo, sealed shut, and another with the Google logo, slightly open.

He questioned the true openness of Android, suggesting the complexity hidden within its code could be misleading.

Amidst his critique of Google and Apple, Elop discussed Nokia’s strategic direction. The company has chosen to adopt the Windows Phone OS for its devices, distancing itself from its competitors like Samsung and HTC, which Elop hopes will join Nokia in using Windows Phone.

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