Manage CloudApp on iOS Devices with Stratus

At the beginning of the month, Samuel Gibbs from TUAW brought to light the utility of CloudApp in his series on Daily Mac Apps.

For those who have taken a liking to using CloudApp on their Macs or for sharing screenshots with colleagues via its web application, the introduction of Stratus (free) will be a delightful addition, as it extends CloudApp’s functionality to your iPhone and iPad.

Although not an official release from CloudApp, Stratus mirrors its aesthetics and functionality closely.

Created by developer Jeff Broderick, the app integrates seamlessly with CloudApp’s latest streaming feature, ensuring that any content uploaded is instantly updated and view counts are refreshed in real time.

The application eliminates the need for constant clicking with its infinite scroll capability, which automatically loads an additional 30 items once you reach the bottom of the list.

If the initial introduction by Sam didn’t convince you to try CloudApp, Stratus offers a compelling reason with its in-app registration for a free CloudApp account, making it unnecessary to visit the website.

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