Apple Dominates as Australia’s Leading Mobile Brand

In recent developments, Australia has seen a significant uptick in iPhone usage, positioning Apple as the leading smartphone brand in the region. According to IDC reports today, Apple now commands a 40% share of the Australian smartphone market, marking a notable increase of 10% from the previous quarter.

In contrast, Android holds a 30% market share, with Symbian trailing at 22%, indicating a decline to third place.

Industry analysts from IDC predict that Android devices may eventually surpass iPhone sales in Australia, a trend that mirrors the market dynamics observed in the United States.

Further insights from Comscore reveal that Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch collectively account for half of all mobile internet traffic in Australia. Android devices, meanwhile, contribute to 10.5% of the mobile data usage.

The reports also highlight the iPad’s dominance in the tablet sector within Australia, a trend consistent with global market patterns.

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