“Always On” Discussion with Brian X. Chen on TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT

In today’s episode of TUAW TV Live, we’re excited to host Brian X. Chen, a notable figure in the tech community and the interim editor of Wired.com’s Gadget Lab.

Previously an editor at Macworld, Chen will discuss his latest publication, “Always On: How the iPhone Unlocked the Anything-Anytime-Anywhere Future–and Locked Us In,” which offers a critical look at the iPhone’s impact on society and technology.

The narrative of the book is engaging, providing a wealth of stories that illustrate both the benefits and drawbacks of the proliferation of apps and Apple’s tightly controlled ecosystem. It highlights how this integration has propelled Apple to success, yet poses challenges for consumers and software developers.

The broadcast will kick off at 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT / 10 PM BST).

We’ll spend the first few minutes catching up before diving into the main discussion. To participate in the live chat and view the streaming video, please visit TUAW a few minutes before the show begins for detailed instructions.

Tj Luoma

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