WWDC Exclusive: Interview with LithiumCorp CEO

In a recent interview at WWDC 2011, Neil Ticktin, the Editor-in-Chief of MacTech Magazine and MacNews, had a conversation with James Wilson from LithiumCorp. Wilson shared insights on the impact of the latest WWDC announcements on their future business strategies.

LithiumCorp is currently promoting an innovative application for the iPad named Tweed.

This app offers a unique platform for users to organize and access articles shared on Twitter, either by their connections or through a curated list of suggestions provided by Tweed itself.

Collaboratively, TUAW and MacTech Magazine joined forces to engage with developers at WWDC 2011 to discuss the keynote speeches and explore how Apple’s latest innovations could benefit them and their clientele. These interviews are available on MacTech.com and MacNews.com.

Additionally, there’s a free trial subscription offer for MacTech Magazine here.

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