TSMC Begins Production of A6 Processors

Recent reports indicate that Apple is poised to switch from Samsung to TSMC for its next-generation A6 chip production, which is expected to feature in upcoming iDevices in 2012. A report from Reuters confirms that Apple has initiated trial production of the A6 chip at TSMC.

Should TSMC meet Apple’s production and quality standards, they might become the exclusive manufacturer for the A6 chips.

As of now, Samsung remains the sole producer of the A5 chip, which is used in the iPad 2 and is expected to be used in the upcoming iPhone 5 and potentially a new generation of the iPod touch (should it be released). The shift to TSMC could signify a substantial financial loss for Samsung, especially if Apple’s future devices like the iPad 3 and iPhone 6 also adopt the A6 chip.

The relationship between Samsung and Apple has been strained due to ongoing disputes, with Apple accusing Samsung of copying the iPhone design.

Moreover, as direct competitors in the smartphone market, it may be strategically beneficial for Apple to distance its chip production from Samsung to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.


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