Developers Shift from Android to iPad 2 and Verizon iPhone

Recent analytics from Flurry have indicated a noticeable downturn in developer interest in the Android platform during the second quarter of 2011. The data shows that new project starts for Android have dropped from 36 percent to 28 percent, marking the second consecutive quarter of decline.

Throughout 2010, Android had seen a steady increase in developer support, leading some industry observers to speculate that iOS might be in jeopardy, potentially facing a decline similar to that experienced by Mac in terms of market share.

However, the latest figures from Flurry suggest otherwise, attributing the shift in developer focus to the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 and the iPad 2.

Previously, the iPhone was exclusive to AT&T in the United States, which many believed hindered its broader adoption. During this period, Android devices became highly popular among Verizon users.

However, with the introduction of the iPhone to the CDMA network and the overwhelming demand for the iPad 2, developers seem to be gravitating back towards iOS.

It is important to note that these findings represent just a snapshot in time and it would be premature and inaccurate to declare the Android platform as nearing its end. Both Android and iOS are likely to continue their rivalry well into the future, making any extreme predictions about their demise or dominance premature.

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