Apple Unveils B2B Store for Bulk App Store Buys

Last week, Apple unveiled a new initiative to allow bulk buying of iOS apps for businesses, and now, the program is ready to accept participants, although it remains limited to the U.S. To join, authorization to make purchases on behalf of your company is necessary, along with a D-U-N-S number.

This volume purchasing option provides a method for companies to acquire iOS apps in bulk directly rather than through the App Store.

All paid applications available in the App Store can also be accessed through this service at standard App Store prices. It’s important to note that according to Apple’s guide, there are no discounts for bulk purchases, so outfitting a team of 50 with Keynote could cost about US$500.

The program also caters to custom B2B apps, offering a degree of customization and privacy not available through standard App Store purchases.

Additionally, it facilitates the streamlined distribution of iOS apps in bulk, enabling the dissemination of purchased apps’ redemption codes through email, an internal website, or via third-party Mobile Device Management systems.

Joining the program incurs no fees, and it effectively addresses many of the needs that businesses have expressed since the App Store first launched.

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