Apple Releases iOS 5.0 Beta 4 Update for Developers

Has a new beta version caught us off guard again? It feels like we were just settling into the groove with Beta 3, a welcome change from its predecessor.

Apple has recently made iOS 5 Beta 4 available on the developer site.

This latest update is up for grabs along with other related updates that have been rolled out in tandem.

If your internet is as sluggish as mine, you might be looking at a lengthy download time, possibly extending into next week.

For those who are registered developers with the annual $99 membership, you can log in using your developer credentials to access this beta version.

As per usual, this beta release is governed by Apple’s Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means specific details about enhancements, APIs, and features are not disclosed in this discussion.

For more detailed coverage of iOS 5 — courtesy of our team members not bound by the NDA — you can check it out here.

Happy developing to all! And a big thank you to those who sent in tips.


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