Research Reveals iOS and Android Users Spend $14 on Freemium Games

Recent insights from mobile analytics company Flurry have unveiled some eye-opening statistics regarding consumer spending habits in freemium games on iOS and Android platforms. According to their findings, the average amount spent per transaction by a user is $14. This revelation comes on the heels of data showing that in-app purchases have now surpassed traditional purchases in mobile applications.

The study further highlights that a significant 13% of freemium game spenders are not just buying in, but are investing heavily, with expenditures exceeding $20.

This segment of gamers demonstrates a deep commitment to their chosen mobile games, comparable to the dedication of gamers who purchase standard $60 titles at retail outlets. This willingness to invest substantial amounts in a game initially obtained for free underscores the value these players find in their gaming experience.

It’s important to note that the $14 average spend is specific to in-app purchases and does not account for the majority of players who spend nothing. Including non-spenders in this calculation would drastically reduce the average spend per user.

Flurry’s analysis indicates that this 13% of high spenders are responsible for half of all revenue generated from freemium games. This statistic points to a significant reliance within the freemium model on a small fraction of users who spend large amounts of money, potentially using funds not their own.

This data sheds light on the dynamics of freemium gaming economics, revealing a model heavily dependent on a minority of players who provide the majority of revenue through high-value transactions. This model highlights the critical role of dedicated spenders in sustaining the financial viability of freemium games.

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