Angry Birds Inspired Bra Design Sparks Outrage

Offered by Etsy seller SceeneShoes, the unique brassiere shown above has been humorously named “Angry Boobs” by Technabob. Adorned with characters from Angry Birds, this bra, priced at US$35, might elicit chuckles or possibly even a playful toss from your partner, depending on their sense of humor.

This playful undergarment is available in a range of sizes from 34A to 38DD.

It seems a missed chance by SceeneShoes not to vary the bird designs across different sizes. Now, every time I encounter my wife, I’ll be imagining the sound of “Wheeeeee!” echoing in my mind.

So, a cheeky thanks is in order to SceeneShoes for that mental image.

Truly, there are times when words fail: no comment.


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