Bandito App: Personalized Music News Based on Your Library

Imagine an app that tailors music news directly to your tastes by analyzing your iTunes library. Bandito does just that.

Upon its initial setup, the app seeks your permission to access your iTunes collection. After a quick scan, it presents a curated selection of news, reviews, and updates about the artists you love most.

For those keen on the pulse of the music scene, Bandito also offers a “Hotlist” feature, spotlighting the latest and greatest in the music world.

While the app allows you to read news within its interface, it also provides options to view articles in mobile Safari or send them via email, though it lacks direct social media sharing capabilities.

While Bandito promises a personalized experience, the relevance of the news may depend on the age of your music library. Those with more recent tracks will likely receive the most current news, whereas fans of older music might find the updates to be a bit dated.

This innovative app is the result of a collaboration between Public Radio Exchange and The Echo Nest, known for powering music applications for major brands like MTV and the BBC.


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