Nintendo Shareholders Demand Mario Games on iPhones

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, shareholders of Nintendo are increasingly frustrated with the company’s leadership under President Satoru Iwata following a significant drop in the company’s stock value, reaching a six-year low. The decline in profits over recent years is attributed to the rise of mobile gaming on smartphones such as the iPhone, which have become essential devices for gaming enthusiasts.

Shareholders have suggested that Nintendo should start offering its games on non-Nintendo platforms like the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, a move Iwata has resisted.

The company’s strategy to counter the surge in smartphone gaming with the Nintendo 3DS was not successful, leading to a drastic 40% price reduction in Japan. As smartphones continue to dominate with a large portion of iPhone apps being games, the trend towards smartphones as the preferred gaming platform shows no signs of slowing down.

This trend poses a significant challenge to Nintendo and other companies that have traditionally relied on dedicated handheld gaming devices, such as Sony.

If Iwata maintains his stance against porting Nintendo games to other platforms, an alternative solution could be for Nintendo to acquire a thriving iPhone game developer. This move would allow Nintendo to establish a foothold in the iOS market while maintaining its exclusive game library on its own devices.

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