Explore Daily: Tap Tap Glee iPhone App Review

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest enthusiast of musical series like Glee—musicals and choreographed dances usually aren’t my thing. However, it’s hard to ignore the success of the latest Tap Tap release, inspired by the Glee series and its catchy songs, which is currently climbing the App Store charts.

For fans of the show, this app offers a chance to engage with Glee’s hits, featuring 11 free tracks and a new song available at no cost daily. Additional tracks can be purchased within the app, with more than 50 songs available.

The game mechanics are quite familiar to anyone who has played Tap Tap games before, where players must tap their screen in sync with the musical notes that scroll by.

This Glee-themed game also incorporates trivia about the show and includes some interesting tidbits from the Glee film, enhancing the fan experience. It also supports social media integration for sharing scores and achievements.

While I personally prefer something like Nine Inch Nails Revenge, Tap Tap Glee offers a unique charm for its audience.

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