Explore the Daily Free App: A Space Shooter for iPhone

In a move that delights arcade enthusiasts, the developers of A Space Shooter (for free) have shifted from a paid model to a freemium one, allowing gamers to enjoy this high-quality space shooter at no cost. The game not only delivers robust shooting mechanics and a plethora of enemies and power-ups but also features an engaging narrative delivered through well-crafted cutscenes that blend humor with a touch of edginess.

While the gameplay is engaging, it does encounter a common problem among iOS shooters: sometimes your finger might obstruct your view of the spaceship.

However, the game compensates for this with a health meter system instead of instant kills, giving players a better chance to survive minor collisions with enemies.

Enhancing its appeal, the game includes comprehensive integration with OpenFeint and Game Center, offering a connected and competitive gaming experience. For those inclined, there are various in-app purchases available, aligning with the freemium model.

Yet, even without spending, A Space Shooter for free remains a commendable choice for iOS users, especially given its unbeatable price point.


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