iPhone Set to Dominate the Chinese Market Rapidly

As wireless carriers around the globe share their quarterly financial results, some interesting insights are emerging about their strategies, particularly in relation to the iPhone. Both China Mobile and China Telecom have been forthcoming regarding their plans to potentially incorporate Apple’s iPhone into their offerings.

During recent earnings calls, leadership from these major Chinese telecom companies have subtly hinted at negotiations with Apple.

China Mobile, which is the largest carrier globally with a customer base exceeding 650 million, disclosed last week that its top executives have met with Steve Jobs to discuss the iPhone’s future on their network.

Similarly, China Telecom, during its latest earnings announcement on Tuesday, had its Chairman Wang Xiaochu mention a “confidential agreement with Apple,” though specifics were withheld. As the third-largest carrier in China, boasting over 110 million subscribers, the implications of such a partnership could be significant.

These developments suggest that Apple is poised to significantly expand its market in China.

Currently, the iPhone is available through China Unicom, the second-largest carrier in the country with 157 million customers. Should Apple secure deals with both China Mobile and China Telecom, it could potentially reach an additional 760 million subscribers, dramatically increasing its footprint in the Chinese market.

Michael Rose

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