Acer Chairman Predicts Decline in iPad Popularity

The leadership at Acer, a prominent PC manufacturer based in Taiwan, remains hopeful despite recent market trends. Not long ago, TUAW published remarks from Acer founder Stan Shih, who dismissed iPads as merely a passing craze.

Adding to this, Acer’s chairman J.T. Wang recently stated in a Reuter’s article that the enthusiasm for tablet PCs is waning and that notebooks are poised to recapture consumer interest.

These comments from Wang come at a time when Acer reported a significant financial loss of T$6.79 billion (US$234.3 million) for the second quarter ending June 30, a figure that far exceeded analysts’ predictions.

This downturn reflects a broader industry trend where traditional PC sales are diminishing as mobile devices like iPads continue to cut into the market share of netbooks and other less profitable laptops.

However, Acer might see a silver lining with HP’s recent exit from the PC market. As the second-largest provider of consumer PCs in Europe, Acer could potentially increase its market share and profitability in the absence of one of its major competitors, especially if Wang’s predictions about the declining interest in tablets hold true.

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