Explore Daily: Tiny Heroes iPhone App Review

From the creative mind of David Whatley, known for his hit series GeoDefense, comes another engaging title, Tiny Heroes. Whatley, who will also be speaking at the 360iDev conference in Denver later this week, has crafted this game with a unique twist on the traditional tower defense genre.

Rather than the usual defense tactics against invaders, in Tiny Heroes, you play the dungeon master thwarting heroes who are after your treasures.

The game’s aesthetic and mechanics are reminiscent of the beloved Plants vs. Zombies, offering a smooth and engaging user experience.

Players can deploy a variety of traps and obstacles, such as mimic chests and spike traps, to deter the adventurous heroes.

The game currently boasts over 50 levels, with promises of more to come. It integrates both Game Center and OpenFeint which enhances its replay value.


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