Explore Daily: Go2Shell Mac App Review

At the Daily Mac App, we’re always excited to share applications that excel at their specific functions. Today, we’re highlighting an app that stands out for its simplicity and utility.

Go2Shell, a compact app of just 0.3MB, is available at no cost on the Mac App Store and is designed to enhance your productivity when working with Terminal.

This app cleverly opens a Terminal window directly to the folder you’re viewing in Finder, or to the folder where Go2Shell is located, ready for your commands. It’s also compatible with iTerm, iTerm 2, and xterm for those who prefer alternatives to the default Apple Terminal.

The beauty of Go2Shell lies in its simplicity, making it a potentially invaluable tool for anyone who frequently works with Terminal to modify files or perform similar tasks.

For optimal convenience, simply drag Go2Shell to your Finder toolbar, and from there, you can launch it in any directory you wish.

For those who might be looking for more sophisticated features, consider exploring DTerm, another app we’ve featured, which offers hotkey access and a floating command entry for Terminal sessions.

Go2Shell is a superb download for anyone deeply involved with Terminal, even offering preference settings via command line. If you’re a Terminal enthusiast, Go2Shell is definitely worth trying out.


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