Nintendo Confirms No iOS Apps Plans in the Works

In a recent interview with a prominent Japanese media outlet, Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata firmly stated that the company has no plans to venture into iOS game development. Iwata’s declaration, “This is absolutely not under consideration,” comes amid ongoing speculation about Nintendo’s strategy in the evolving mobile gaming sector.

Despite once dominating the handheld gaming market with devices like the Gameboy, Nintendo has seen a decline in its fortunes.

The 3DS, their latest offering, has not performed as expected in terms of sales, and this has adversely affected the company’s stock value. In response to these challenges, there were reports in August that shareholders urged the company to explore iOS as a potential platform for its games.

However, Iwata has consistently dismissed the idea, reiterating that as long as he leads, Nintendo will not develop games for iOS.

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John Devis

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