Explore Daily: Appalicious, Your Ultimate Mac App Guide

Typically, our focus is on Mac applications found directly in the Mac App Store, yet Appalicious stands out as a unique tool. Although it’s not hosted on the MAS, it offers a streamlined and enjoyable way to explore the store’s offerings. For those who love a good deal, Appalicious makes it simple to sift through discounts and free offers.

Appalicious serves as a gateway to a comprehensive database, allowing users to search, sort, and filter applications with ease. Its toolbar is equipped with preset search options and sorting capabilities that are invaluable. These features alone justify its cost, enabling users to quickly locate top-tier apps, whether they’re on sale or not.

Additionally, the tool includes a Recent menu for quick access to new finds and a favorites list. It’s surprising that such functionalities aren’t already integrated into the official App Store. Moreover, Appalicious provides up-to-date data directly from the App Store, often delivering a superior search experience compared to the store itself.

The platform allows for extensive customization of searches and sorts. Users can also set up advanced filters to pinpoint the exact type of apps they’re interested in. For instance, I quickly located a discounted business card app available in English.

Right-clicking on the app gives the option to add it to a wish list, accessible via a dropdown menu. Appalicious offers numerous methods to refine your app search, making it both powerful and user-friendly. Another dropdown menu provides detailed information about the selected app and links to the app’s website or support page, which is quite convenient.

Appalicious can be downloaded at no initial cost, but maintaining access to the updated database requires a subscription of $12.95 annually after the first week. A promotional discount of $5 is available with the code “INTRO,” though you should check here to confirm its availability. Additionally, potential users can view training videos to better understand the tool’s functionality.

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