Apple Launches Online Stores in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, UAE

Apple has broadened its digital footprint by inaugurating new online outlets in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates. Each country’s website featured a vibrant confetti banner to mark the occasion.

Shoppers in these countries now have the ability to purchase directly from Apple’s online store, access extended Apple Care plans, and utilize online sales support, mirroring the services offered in the US. With the addition of these four new online stores, Apple’s e-commerce presence now spans 37 countries.

The introduction of Apple’s online stores could potentially reshape the retail landscape in these regions.

In the UAE, for instance, Apple products are predominantly sold through third-party vendors such as Sharaf DG and Carrefour UAE, often at higher prices. Given the current global economic challenges, it remains to be seen how these local retailers will fare against Apple’s robust online strategy.

[Via The National]


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