Decoding the Numerology in Apple’s iPhone Event Invite

Recently, Apple has dispatched invitations for their upcoming iPhone event on October 4th. To decode the cryptic symbols and numbers on the invite, we consulted Helmut Weltschmertz, a renowned numerology expert from the Koblenz Institute of Numerology and Used Car Sales. Here’s what Dr. Weltschmertz deduced:

Regarding the Calendar icon, Dr. Weltschmertz explained, “Apple is hinting at the unveiling of ‘tues’ (‘two’ in a long-lost ancient language) devices. The number 4 positioned under the word Tuesday suggests these new iPhones will surpass the iPhone 4 in capabilities.

While it might seem to simply denote the event date, the icon holds deeper implications.”

The Clock icon also holds secrets, according to Dr. Weltschmertz. “The clock hands point at 10 and 12, and the second hand also points at 12. Summing these—12, 12, and 10—we reach 34. Intriguingly, Steve Jobs’ biological mother, Joanne Simpson, was 34 when she remarried George Simpson. This number sequence subtly hints at hidden events at Area 51 back in 1966.

However, the sequence 3, 4, 5 subtly indicates the announcement of the iPhone 5,” he elaborated.

Dr. Weltschmertz found the Maps icon equally revealing. “The number 280 on the shield clearly signals the launch of iOS 5, boasting 280 new or enhanced features. The intersecting yellow and orange lines suggest the introduction of two new color options for Apple’s devices. The red pin might look trivial, but it’s actually there to prevent the icon from ‘falling’ off the page,” he noted.

Lastly, the Phone icon was discussed. “The number 1 in the upper right corner can be interpreted in various ways.

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