Will Europe’s Common Charger Be Included in New iPhone Designs?

In 2009, a consensus was reached by the European Commission and 10 leading mobile phone manufacturers, including Apple, to standardize the charging interface to Micro-USB. Despite Apple’s commitment through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), speculation abounds whether the upcoming iPhone release will feature this standard connector.

There are strong indications that Apple may continue using its proprietary 30-pin dock connector.

Although the agreement isn’t binding, Apple’s adherence could favor its standing with the EU, especially amidst various patent disputes. However, the vast ecosystem of accessories designed for the dock connector, which spans across multiple Apple devices like the iPhone, iPods, and iPad, suggests a continuation of its use.

Switching to a new connector would necessitate a significant redesign of numerous peripherals which could be cumbersome for both Apple and accessory manufacturers.

The MoU explicitly states the necessity for a “terminates in a Micro-B plug.” Yet, it doesn’t preclude Apple from maintaining its current model. The agreement also accommodates the use of an adapter if the device doesn’t feature a built-in Micro-USB port, defining an ‘Adaptor’ as a bridge between a Micro-USB and a non-Micro-USB connector.

It seems likely that Apple will opt to include a standard USB-A to Micro-B cable with a Micro-B to Dock connector adapter for its new iPhones in Europe.


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