Chinese Authorities Dismantle Counterfeit iPhone Operation

In a recent crackdown, Chinese authorities detained five individuals linked to a syndicate involved in the production and distribution of counterfeit iPhones. These suspects were reportedly purchasing parts, some authentic, from the underground market and assembling the devices in leased properties across Shanghai.

During the operation, law enforcement confiscated approximately 200 of these counterfeit devices. The cost to construct each unit was roughly 2,000 yuan (equivalent to $313), and they were being sold for nearly double this amount on the illicit market.

The quality of these fake iPhones was so high that distinguishing them from genuine Apple products proved difficult for many consumers.

The presence of fake iPhones in China has been a known issue, but the scale of these operations came to light only after an American blogger exposed a counterfeit Apple store earlier in the year. This revelation led to further investigations, uncovering more unauthorized outlets selling fake Apple products across the region.


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