iPhone 5 Rumored to Support HSPA+ 4G Technology

With Apple’s highly anticipated announcement of its latest iPhone models just around the corner, a recent revelation from a presentation at Macworld Asia has sparked considerable interest. A slide, displayed by China Unicom, was captured and shared by the Japanese blog Macotakara. The slide hinted at the upcoming release of an ‘iPhone 5’ for 2011, equipped to support the HSPA+ network, often referred to as ‘4G’.

It’s important to note that HSPA+ does not meet the technical standards of true 4G, which are defined by LTE standards.

Despite this, AT&T promotes its HSPA+ network as 4G and is in the process of upgrading to LTE. This month, AT&T activated LTE in five major US cities including Chicago and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The HSPA+ network, however, still covers the majority of large urban areas in the U.S., offering speeds up to 21 Mbps, nearly triple that of the existing HSPA 3G network.

Verizon, on the other hand, does not use an interim network and only supports LTE 4G, making an HSPA+ iPhone incompatible with their network. T-Mobile USA, which has yet to offer the iPhone, boasts an enhanced HSPA+ network with speeds reaching up to 42 Mbps across 25 cities. Sprint, anticipated to be the next carrier of the iPhone, is bypassing HSPA+ entirely, opting for a direct shift to LTE 4G through an agreement with LightSquared.

The intriguing image, partially shown above, was captured by a contributor to the Japanese site PC Watch, and it chronicles the evolution of the iPhone within the China Unicom network over several years.

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