Android App Downloads Expected to Surpass iPhone by Summer

In a recent analysis by Xyologic, a firm that tracks app store metrics, it’s projected that by June 2012, the number of apps downloaded monthly from the Android Market will surpass those from Apple’s iOS App Store. Presently, the iOS App Store sees approximately 1.45 billion downloads per month compared to Android’s 640 million.

However, if Android maintains its rapid growth trajectory while iOS growth levels off, both platforms are expected to reach a combined total of 3.2 billion downloads per month by mid-2012. At this rate, Android is set to overtake iOS in total downloads by mid-2013, according to Xyologic’s predictions.

While these forecasts are intriguing, they hinge on the assumption that Android’s growth will continue unabated and that iOS’s expansion will moderate.

However, external factors such as legal challenges could impede Android’s progress. Google has reportedly faced delays in rolling out Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, due to patent disputes.

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