Apple’s Second-Largest Market is Now China

During a recent financial briefing for the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook emphasized the critical role China plays in Apple’s strategic plans. Cook described the progress in China as “amazing,” supported by compelling revenue figures.

The broader China area, encompassing Hong Kong and Taiwan, generated 12 percent of Apple’s total revenue for the year 2011. This is a significant increase from just 2 percent in fiscal 2009, highlighting rapid growth in this market.

Cook pointed out that this region is “by far the fastest-growing region” for Apple.

For the fourth quarter alone, China’s contribution to Apple’s revenue was substantial, amounting to US$4.5 billion. This represents 16 percent of Apple’s total quarterly revenue of $28.7 billion. In comparison, Europe’s contribution was $7.4 billion, making China’s revenue nearly 60 percent of Europe’s figures.

Apple’s investment in the region includes the establishment of six Apple Stores in greater China, all ranking among the most visited and highest-earning in the company.

Cook shared his enthusiasm about the market, stating, “In my lifetime I’ve never seen a country with as many people rising into the middle class aspiring to buy products that Apple makes. It’s an area of enormous opportunity. It has quickly become No.

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