Apple Delays iTunes Match Release Date Announcement

As the calendar flipped to November 1st, did you also realize that iTunes Match was still not operational? Indeed, Apple has not met its own timeline, previously announcing at the October 4, 2011 “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, through Eddy Cue, Senior VP of Internet Software and Services, that the service would be ready by the end of October.

Offered at an annual cost of US$24.99, iTunes Match scans your iTunes library, identifies songs, and matches them with high-quality versions stored in the cloud, essentially serving as a digital music vault.

Developers have had access to iTunes Match, but were recently instructed to deactivate the service on their devices by October 27th in preparation for a data reset.

Additionally, the beta version of iTunes 10.5.1, which supports iTunes Match, expired yesterday, leaving some developers frustrated as they were forced to revert to an older version of iTunes.

Despite training retail staff on the service, indicating an imminent launch, Apple did not launch iTunes Match within October.

A commenter humorously inquired at The Loop, “Did they say what year?” suggesting a potentially longer wait for the service’s debut.

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