Explore Daily: Tunesque Mac App Review and Features

Exploring Apple’s vast ecosystem of apps, media, and more can often feel daunting. However, the application Tunesque simplifies this process by enabling searches across both the iTunes Store and the Mac App Store directly from your menu bar.

Typically, searching within the Mac App Store or iTunes can be cumbersome. You need to launch the applications separately, and iTunes, in particular, is not known for its speed.

Additionally, these platforms do not support simultaneous searching, which complicates matters when you need to find applications like Evernote for different devices.

Tunesque resides quietly in your menu bar, ready to assist the moment you initiate a search. Clicking its icon allows you to start typing your query immediately, similar to using Spotlight. The app is designed to show comprehensive results—ranging from music, films, TV series, artists, Mac and iOS apps, to eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, and even iTunes U content.

However, you can customize the search settings to exclude certain categories like iTunes U, depending on your preferences. It also offers the flexibility to choose which country’s store to search, defaulting to either another country’s store or your own local one.

As you type your keywords, Tunesque dynamically displays all relevant results in a dropdown menu. You can browse this list using the arrow keys or by hovering your mouse over it, with a detailed summary of each highlighted item appearing adjacent to it, much like Spotlight’s functionality in Lion.

Once you pinpoint what you need, a simple press of the ‘enter’ key or a click on the desired item will direct you to the appropriate store.

Tj Luoma

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