ITC Finds Apple Not in Violation of S3 Graphics Patents

The US International Trade Commission has recently resolved to reject the initial complaint lodged by S3 Graphics against Apple, as reported by the FOSS Patents Blog. Curiously, the official document released offers no details on why the decision by the Administrative Law Judge was not upheld.

There remains another complaint from S3 Graphics against Apple that is still awaiting a decision.

This situation is particularly noteworthy as HTC is in the midst of acquiring S3 Graphics. A favorable outcome against Apple could have potentially enhanced the value of this acquisition.

Fortunately, the wait won’t be long for further developments, as December 6th has been scheduled for a decision regarding Apple’s initial complaint against S3 Graphics.

Moreover, the legal battles continue between Apple and HTC, with a patent infringement case still pending resolution. It’s quite a tangled web!

The details might seem overwhelming at first, so it’s a good idea to settle in, perhaps jot down some notes, and visit the FOSS Patents Blog for a deeper dive into the matter and additional resources that clarify the ongoing legal disputes.


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