OnLive iPad App Offers Console-Quality Gaming with Custom Touch Controls

Cloud gaming has taken a significant leap forward with OnLive, a platform that allows you to stream games from its servers rather than running them locally on your devices. This innovative approach means that even with a basic internet connection that can handle streaming services like Netflix, you can enjoy high-quality gaming on any compatible device.

What sets OnLive apart is its method of game delivery. Unlike traditional platforms where games are downloaded or installed from discs, OnLive hosts games on its own servers.

When you play a game, video and audio are streamed to your device while your inputs are sent back to the server. This might sound complex, but it provides a seamless gaming experience.

Expanding its reach, OnLive has recently launched a player app for mobile devices, allowing games like LA Noire to be played on devices like iPhones and iPads with full graphical fidelity.

Addressing the challenge of controls on touchscreen devices, OnLive has innovated with multiple solutions. For some games, they have collaborated directly with developers like Rockstar to create fully integrated touch controls.

This allows players to interact with the game environment in a more intuitive way. For other titles, OnLive offers virtual joysticks and buttons or a proprietary wireless controller that connects to devices for a more traditional gaming experience.

The wireless controller, priced at $49.99, can be purchased from OnLive and is designed to enhance the gaming experience on tablets and smartphones, and it also includes a USB dongle for use with PCs and Macs.

Despite the innovative approach, some games that rely heavily on precise mouse and keyboard inputs may not transition well to the touch interface. However, OnLive is committed to adapting as many games as possible to its platform.

For those who prefer traditional gaming setups, OnLive also offers a microconsole, which acts as a dedicated device to stream games directly to a TV.

OnLive’s relationship with Apple could prove pivotal in how smoothly the service integrates with iOS devices.

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