iPhone 4S Tips: How to View Your Ear – Updated Guide

Ever thought about examining the inside of your ear, the back of your neck, or the space behind your furniture? With an iPhone 4S paired with an Apple TV, you can project your camera’s view directly onto your TV screen wirelessly.

To do this, activate AirPlay by double-tapping the Home button, swiping right twice, choosing your Apple TV as the AirPlay destination, and turning on Mirroring.

Next, press the Home button and open the camera app.

Whatever your camera points at—be it the space behind a bookshelf or the details of your facial features—will appear on your TV.

This setup essentially extends your vision, allowing you to see on your TV what your phone’s camera is pointed at.

It might be helpful to use a flashlight with your phone to illuminate those hard-to-see spots, like under the bed or behind the TV stand, especially when hunting for lost items.

Update: A TUAW reader named Sam W recommends attaching the iPhone to a remote-controlled vehicle to achieve a mobile surveillance system throughout your home.


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