App Store Problems for iOS 3.1.3 iPhone/iPod Touch Users

While many users have transitioned to iOS 5 or even earlier versions like iOS 4, a significant number still operate on iOS 3.1.3 on their older iPhone and iPod touch models. As of December 16, these users have started to encounter issues accessing the iOS App Store.

This isn’t just a few isolated cases; Engadget has verified these complications firsthand with an iOS 3.1.3 device.

A forum thread on Apple’s support site elaborates on the issues, which surfaced following a recent App Store update. Users report a chaotic user interface in the App Store, with missing images and non-functional buttons, rendering them unable to download new applications.

Apple has yet to officially comment on the situation, leaving no timeline for a resolution.

If you are experiencing similar issues on your older device, you might want to contribute your experiences on the forum thread or send feedback or a support request directly to Apple. The company may prioritize a fix as more users report this problem.

[Via Engadget]


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