iPhone Launch at Macworld Expo, January 9, 2007: A Five-Year Retrospective

On this day, January 9, amidst the bustling activities of CES, we take a moment to reflect on a pivotal moment in technology. It was exactly five years ago today that Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone at the Macworld keynote, forever altering the tech landscape.

Prior to the unveiling of the iPhone, mobile phones were largely bulky and unintuitive, with limited capabilities.

Accessing email or the internet was a cumbersome process, and mobile devices were essentially scaled-down, less functional versions of their desktop counterparts, often featuring text-only browsers and sluggish, cluttered menus.

The announcement of the iPhone marked a revolutionary change, presenting a device that seemed almost futuristic—an all-touch interface, devoid of a stylus, housed in a sleek, powerful device. It was a glimpse into what smartphones could become.

Although the initial iPhone lacked features like the iOS SDK or an App Store—relying instead on web apps—the foundational ideas laid out by Steve Jobs have endured.

The iPhone was, and still is, known for its powerful performance, ease of use, and reliability.

Apple’s trajectory as a company would be markedly different without the iPhone, and its influence is evident even in the context of CES. Today, we commemorate the first announcement of the iPhone, recognizing its profound impact over the past five years and looking forward to its future contributions to our digital lives.

The original announcement remains impactful and somewhat poignant, especially knowing that Steve Jobs would not live to see the iPhone reach its fifth anniversary.


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