OnLive Expands: From Gaming to Desktop and TV Integration

Last week at CES, representatives from OnLive expressed their regret over the delay of their iOS gaming app’s absence from the App Store. Bruce Grove of OnLive was tight-lipped about the reasons, mentioning only that it was still undergoing Apple’s approval process. Despite the uncertainty of its release date, Grove assured that the app would be available “soon.”

Despite this hiccup, OnLive successfully launched its OnLive Desktop app, which is currently available for free. This app delivers a complete, touch-enabled Windows 7 experience on the iPad, streaming software from powerful servers while sending back user inputs.

This technology not only supports basic Windows functions but also extends to more complex applications.

The OnLive Desktop app is also compatible with Mac, allowing users to access Microsoft Office applications and save files in a cloud folder. With a premium subscription, users get additional storage and a persistent desktop.

Grove emphasized that all software is fully licensed under Microsoft’s cloud agreements, ensuring legality. OnLive is also collaborating with other major software providers like Adobe and Autodesk to expand its app offerings, which will be available in both free and premium formats. Premium users will also enjoy access to a browser that supports Flash, enabling them to visit Flash-based websites directly through OnLive’s servers.

According to Grove, the power of OnLive’s servers can handle even the most demanding applications, such as AutoCAD and Maya, with ease.

He also hinted at future plans to allow multiple users to access the same server simultaneously for collaborative projects. Additionally, OnLive is exploring enterprise solutions, offering businesses the ability to host custom desktops with specific applications for their users.

Another significant announcement from CES was OnLive’s expansion into the smart TV market, including integration with Google’s television services. While this development is more relevant to the general tech audience than specifically to Mac users, it represents a strategic move to enhance OnLive’s brand visibility and attract a broader user base.

Looking ahead, OnLive is focused on broadening its reach across various connected devices, from smart TVs to smartphones like the Xperia Play, and promoting its wireless controller designed to work seamlessly across these devices. With these innovations, OnLive aims to unify and streamline the user experience across all platforms.

The potential of OnLive’s technology to transform access to powerful computing capabilities and high-end software applications is immense.

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