Slacker Radio Aims to Stand Out in Crowded Streaming Market

Last week at CES, we had the opportunity to chat with Jonathan Sasse, the VP of Marketing at Slacker Radio, in a bustling Las Vegas hotel lobby. He shared insights into the evolution of Slacker Radio, a key player among streaming services that have apps available on the App Store.

Sasse emphasized that Slacker’s current focus is on distinguishing itself in a crowded market.

According to Sasse, Slacker Radio boasts a music library that is more than ten times larger than Pandora’s, a testament to their prolonged efforts in securing music rights from various record labels. This extensive collection is complemented by a variety of non-music content, including ESPN Radio, ABC News, and even comedy channels.

Unlike other services that rely on algorithms for their music stations, Slacker prides itself on channels curated by actual DJs.

This human touch is highlighted by their employment of notable figures such as Marco Collins, who personally curates playlists.

Slacker is also expanding its accessibility through partnerships, such as an agreement with Ford to integrate its service into their vehicles, and is exploring deals with mobile carriers to enhance data connectivity for streaming.

One significant challenge has been navigating Apple’s subscription policies, which initially deterred Slacker from selling subscriptions directly through its app. However, the company has since begun offering its Radio Plus subscription through in-app purchases, though the premium service is still not available via this method.

Looking ahead, Slacker aims to further enrich its service by encouraging user interaction with content, enhancing personalization, and developing original programming, including artist-curated stations and potentially podcasts.

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