Universities Excited as iTunes Courses Launch Live

The recent launch of the iTunes U app has sparked considerable enthusiasm, particularly with Harvard University’s decision to offer its popular science and cooking lectures through the platform. Courses such as ‘Olive Oil and Viscosity’ and ‘Meat Glue Mania’ promise to captivate a broad audience.

Available to all iPhone and iPad users, the app provides access to these free courses via iTunes U.

This new, dedicated app is expected to greatly benefit both learners and educators alike. The Inside Higher Ed website reports that Harrisburg Community College is also participating, offering free courses in subjects like differential equations and astronomy, marking its debut on iTunes U.

In an initiative that began last year, Apple has collaborated with several top-tier institutions, including Duke, Cornell, and Yale, to prepare educational content for the app.

Unlike the older iTunes U versions launched in 2006, which featured audio and video podcasts, the new app allows for a more integrated learning experience where users can download course materials and engage with them alongside the lectures.


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