Apple Dominates with 75% of Cell Phone Profits

Apple continues to excel in the mobile phone sector, with recent data underscoring its lucrative position. According to a report by IDC, Apple now ranks third globally in mobile phone sales.

Further analysis by Asymco’s Horace Dediu reveals that although Apple claims only 8.7% of the market share—slightly higher than IDC’s 6% estimate—the company astonishingly captures 75% of the industry’s profits.

In his review on Apple 2.0, Philip Elmer-DeWitt highlights that among the top eight mobile phone manufacturers, only five are actually profitable, according to Dediu’s findings. Samsung holds approximately 16% of the profit share.

In contrast, companies like Nokia, Research in Motion, and HTC are barely maintaining profitability. Meanwhile, Motorola, LG, and recently restructured Sony are operating at a loss.

Elmer-DeWitt emphasizes that these figures encompass the entire mobile phone market globally, not just smartphones, and not limited to the U.S.


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