Motorola Seeks 2.25% Licensing Fee on Apple Sales

The legal battle between Motorola and Apple has taken a new turn. A recent ruling by a German court temporarily halted the sale of several Apple products that incorporate 3G technology, including some older iPhones and iPads. This injunction was short-lived, lasting less than 24 hours, pending a deeper examination of the claims Motorola has levied against Apple.

According to Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents, there’s emerging evidence that Motorola is willing to settle the ongoing patent conflict by proposing a licensing deal to Apple.

They are asking for a 2.25 percent royalty on Apple’s sales, which could either apply to all of Apple’s revenues or, more specifically, to sales of devices that include a 3G antenna. Mueller criticizes this demand as overly aggressive, especially when considering Apple’s substantial quarterly earnings.

Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone alone has generated nearly $93 billion in revenue. If Motorola’s licensing demands had been met, they would have collected approximately $2.1 billion from these revenues.

With the continued robust sales of the iPhone, Motorola’s potential earnings from this arrangement could significantly increase, not to mention additional revenues from the sales of the Wi-Fi + 3G model of the iPad, which Motorola also claims infringes on its patents.

This situation is further complicated by Google’s ongoing efforts to acquire Motorola. Should Motorola’s claims hold, Google could potentially benefit from ongoing patent royalties from Apple’s top-selling products. This scenario raises concerns about the motivations behind Motorola’s aggressive patent enforcement.

Apple is actively seeking more information from other mobile manufacturers like Nokia, HTC, LG, and Sony Ericsson, aiming to uncover how much these companies pay Motorola for patent licenses.


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